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Maasai Warrior Vital Information for Travel in Africa
State Department Descriptions and Travel Advisory of African Countries
Credit Cards, ATMs, & Traveler's Checks
Passport Information
Travel Checklist: Things to bring and advice
Travel Tips (from State Department)
Vaccination requirements and Vaccination Advice
Voltages in Africa
Distances to Major Cities
U. S. Embassies in Africa
African Embassies in the U. S.
Airlines Numbers in US
US State Department: Travel advisories, country specific info, maps, statistical info, passport & document regulations, embassy & other contacts, and medical advice

Total area of Africa = 11,700,000 square miles (3 times greater than USA)
More info...

· Africa at a Glance
· Miles to Major Cities in the World
· Driving Distances in Greater Southern Africa
· World Urban Growth in the 20th Century
· World Telephones in the 20th Century
· Malaria: World Resistance 1997
· AIDs in Africa 1997

Maasai Warrior Useful Africa Related Links, Categorized Favorites
UPenn African Studies Center: A very useful resource for gathering information on Africa
BBC AFRICA: In depth reporting on African Affairs
Duma Safari: A very respectable and worth while safari company
Tazania National Parks (TANAPA): Really good site on the parks
NetVet Wildlife: 500+ links to wildlife research, conservation, and activities around the world.
Bwana Mitch's Safari-Portal: Find lots of good stuff (example -Accommodation Southern Safari Circuit, Tanzania)
University of North DakotaVolcano World
News, Weather, and Radio
All Africa Very informative and organized News & Entertainment on the "world of Africa and her Diaspora"
Africa Daily
New York Times - Africa
Channel Africa
Africa Online: Plethora of news, info, commercial, travel, etc.
Africa Online Kids: Games too!
WUnderground: Awesome Weather Site News, Search, Travel Info, Newsletter
Univeristies, Information, Research, Searches, and Maps
CIA World Fact Book
The Internet Living Swahili Dictionaries
Africa Action: Incorporating American Committee on Africa, The Africa Fund, and Africa Policy Information Center (APIC)
Interactive Forest Map of Africa
History of Africa using maps - Awesome!
MARA - Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa: large zip files
University of Texas: Maps
University of North DakotaVolcano World
National Geographic Map Machine
Watershed in Africa
University of South Africa
Columbia University: African Studies
Stanford Univeristy: Africa South of the Sahara
Franklin Institute: Africa Hotlist
Unknown Name: Awesome wildlife park of most of Southern & East Africa
Woyaa: Africa Search
The Africa Homepage: Encyclopedic site of academic and popular topics
National .com
Africa Wildlife Foundation
Tourism - Safaris - Guides
Duma Safari: A very respectable and worth while safari company
Klub Afriko: Customized safari's and cultural immersion in Tanzania
South Africa's Offical Travel and Tourism Website
Tazania National Parks (TANAPA): Really good site on the parks
Tanzania Tourist Board
The Africa Guide
Packback: Could be cool?
About Travel: Go Africa
Migration Map: ?, but other cool stuff
About Tanzania: Cool safari/ travel info for Tanzania & Zanzibar
Accomidations: Hotels, Youth Hostels, & Searches
Hosteling International
Klub Afriko: Customized safari's and cultural immersion in Tanzania
Rocky's of Fourways - formally Rocky Street Backpackers
Hotel White Sands: This hotel rocks!
Air Transport
  • List of Airline Toll Free Numbers Operating in USA
  • Air Carriers that typically fly to East Africa
           (not all are listed in online search engines like Travelocity
  • Air France: We have not used this airline. Via Paris.
    British Airways: Excellent service. Via London.
    Emirates: Cheapest and good service, but long travel time. Via Dubai.
    Ethiopian Airlines: Extremely good service and cheap, but long travel time. Via Addis Ababa.
    Northwest · KLM: Excellent service. Corner the market with largest availability. Via Amsterdam.
    Kenya Airways: We have not used this airline. Affliated with Bristish Airways. Via London. 4% Surcharge on credit card purchase.
    South Africa Airlines: Excellent service. Via Johannesburg.
    Swiss International Air Lines: We have not used this airline. Via Zurich
  • Discount agents (consolidators) who we have used, get the lowest fares and have GOOD CUSTOMER RELATIONS
           (due to contracts with airline and agent licence)
  • Air Treks 800.350.0636: Best value for you money. Ask for Daniel
    Around the world: Best value for you money
    Planet Travel 888.990.8500: Friendly / hard working discount travel agents, particularly in the New England. Ask for Mona. Deals with most airlines. Also customized packages to India & Far East
    STA Travel: For students and educators
    Travel Center 800.419.0960: Friendly discount travel agents. Ask for Kapur. Good deals on Ethiopian & Emirates
    Cape Cairo 800.356.4433: Friendly / hard working discount travel agents, particularly in the Washington DC area. Ask for Barbara. Deals with most airlines.
  • Links to list of "Discount Travel Agents" (Consolidators) in USA & Canada
  • The Philipino Pavilion & Travel Emporium

    Speed Boat Ferry Schedule: Dar es Salaam - Zanzibar
      07:30 Sea Bus (1.5 hour minimum)
      10:30 Sea Star (1.5 hr)
      12:30 Flying Horse (4 hr minimum)
      16:00 Sea Bus (1.5 hr)
      07:00 Sea Star (1.5 hr)
      13:00 Sea Bus (1.5 hr)
      16:00 Sea Bus (1.5 hr)
      22:00 Flying Horse (4 hr)
    Port Administration (255)(0)22.213.7049
    Do you know an esoteric or obscure schedule or route that needs posting?
    Please donate your valuable info!
    Please fill out as much as you like:
      City, State Zip
    Comments (Maximum 3000 characters)

    Health Information for Traveling in Africa
    Spread of AIDS 1982-1997
    AIDS in Africa 1997
    Malaria Chloroquine Resistance, P. falciporum vs. Chloroqiune sensitive 1997
    Malaria in South Africa
       Provided by the New England Journal of Medicine
    Immunization To Prevent Travel-Related Illness
       Immunization information including vaccinations, age requirements, and dosage schedules.
    Travel Related Illness Information
       Summary of the most common travel related illnesses, including signs and symptons.
    Prophylaxis And Self-Treatment For Travelers
       What medications to take and how to take them when illness occurs while traveling.
    Primary Medical Care Summary
       Common afflictions of travelers and how to avoid infection.

    My Exits To Africa
    Exit 1996
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    Spread of Iron
    1570 Africa - German
    1630 Africa - Dutch
    1790 Africa - British
    1795 Africa - French
    1808 Africa
    1821 Africa - USA
    1824 Africa - USA
    1829 Cook's route to Far East
    1855 Timbuktu - German
    1859 Suez - German
    1870 Africa - Japanese
    1890 Africa - USA
    1895 Madagascar
    1913 Africa - Religions
    Maps of Africa     Maps of countries by name
    Africa: Countries
    African Cities
    Africa: Green - Black
    Africa: Physical Relief
    White Africa 1968 to 1975
    Egypt Population 1976
    Madagascar's Ethnic Groups 1976
    Zanzibar & Pemba 1977
    Namibian Homelands 1978
    Africa: Population Density 1979
    Horn of Africa Ethnic Groups 1980
    Spread of AIDs in Africa 1982 to 1997
    TAZARA 1983
    Africa: Vegetation Zones 1986
    Africa: Islam 1987
    Africa: Islam 1990
    World Telephones 20th Century
    Africa: Political 1995
    Africa: Political 1997
    AIDs in Africa 1997
    Malaria: World Resistance 1997
    Kalahari Gemsbok Nat. Park, Brochure: p. 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Udzungwa National Park, Brochure: p. 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Africa: UFO Sightings (Northern Region)
    Africa: UFO Sightings (Central Region)
    Africa: UFO Sightings (Southern Region)
    World Urban Growth in the 20th Century
    Africa: Relief 2000
    Provinces of South Africa
    Africa: Modern Vegetation
    Africa: Languages
    Africa: Languages
    Forests Types of the Congo River System
    Sharia States of Nigeria
    Unita Controlled Areas of Namibia
    If you don't see one you need...
           e-mail me with a description or check this folder

    Cool Books About Africa
    Africa: Biography of a Continent: John Reader
    Africa On A Shoestring: Lonely Planet & other LP Publications
    Africa Solo: Kevin Kurtscher
    Behavior Guide to African Mammals, The: Richard Estes
    Field Guide to African Wildlife: National Audubon Society
    Bend in the River, A: V. S. Naipaul
    History Of Africa: Kevin Shillington
    Long Walk To Freedom: Nelson Mandela
    Nervous Condition: Tsitsi Dangarembga
    No Longer At Ease: Chinua Achebe
    Shadow of Kilimanjaro, The: Rick Ridgeway
    Shadows on the Grass: Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen)
    Things Fall Apart: Chinua Achebe
    Venomous Snakes of the World: W. P. Mark
    Wildlife: Mitsuaki Iwago

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